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Courses offered by Talaash

“We do not feed you the fish! Rather we teach you how to catch them”

Talaash trains you to solve your researchrelated issues on your own, thereby making you a real scholar. Tutoring at Talaash is done through online courses, webinars as well as real-time workshops by highly experienced professionals.

Talaash offers online courses to the scholars through a tutoring programme, “Dhrona”. “Dhrona”, is an online tutoring programme offered by Talaash research consultants wherein concepts related to doing a research are taught to research scholars at an affordable cost.

The following table lists the various online courses available at Talaashwith their respective duration

Name of the course Duration in Hours
Research methodology 60
Conceptual framework development 25
Questionnaire design course 15
Thesis writing course 60
Journal writing and publication course 60
Statistical analysis using SPSS 60
Data analysis 60

Dhrona offers you the following benefits

  • Classes are conducted online which facilitates you to learn from wherever you are
  • Talaash enables you to learn the concepts that you want to learn with as less as $10/hour through its “Pay for what you learn” policy.
  • Talaash offers customized training programs to suit your learning needs .
  • All the training materials offered by Talaash are activity based wherein you can test the skill acquired yourselves through various exercises.
  • Above all, Talaash offers certifications to all the participants based on their performance in the training program.
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Besides Talaash also conducts real-time activity based engineering and management workshops at various educational institutions across the nation at nominal prices.

The following table lists the various workshops conducted by Talaash with their respective duration.

Name of the course Duration in Days
Research methodology workshop 3
Data analysis workshop 3
Manuscript writing and publication workshop 2
Thesis writing workshop 2
Practical approach to machine design and development 2

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Talaash Research Consultants offers software development, debugging and simulation services. The software development services follow a 5 stage process.

  • At the first stage, the research proposal is analyzed to understand what type of software is to be developed.
  • At the second stage, the design of the software is proposed by us.
  • Followed by the design, implementation of the actual software is done.
  • The software is then tested in the fourth stage to ensure that it serves its purpose.
  • In the last and final stage, a live demonstration is given to the clients.

We have in-house experts with hands on experience on the following simulation software packages.

  • AI and Machine learning.
  • ANSYS.
  • Hadoop.
  • NS2.
  • NS3.
  • Python.
  • SolidWorks.

Research Manuscript Editing and Formatting

Talaash’s Research Manuscript editing services helps researchersin improving the quality of their research manuscripts and make them publishable in reputed journals. Talaash follows a three stage approach I-A-S in helping research scholars publishing their journals.


In the first stage we

  • Help researchers identify the target journal that would fit their research area
  • Guide them towards shortlisting the target journal.


In the second stage we

  • Format the manuscript as per the standards of the target journal.


In the third and last stage we

  • Peer review the manuscript authored by the researchers with the help of subject matter experts.

Data is indispensable for conducting any research. Data can be either primary or secondary. Be it secondary or primary collection of data is a tedious process for any researcher. Talaash Research Consultants simplifies your work by collecting the data that you require for your research.

  • To avail primary data collection services all you have to do is to provide us with the data collection tool along with the details of number of respondents. We will collect the data and give it to you for applying it in your research work.
  • To avail secondary data collection services all you have to do is to provide us with the information on what form of secondary data (financial data, time series data, archival data, non-archival data, case studyetc.) you want and the period for which you want to collect the data. We will collect the data and give it to you for applying it in your research work.

Raw data collected is of no use to a researcher unless and until it is processed and analyzed. Talaash Research Consultants assists you in doing both qualitative as well as quantitative data depending upon your requirement.

For software based analysis, we have in-house experts with hands on experience on the following statistical software packages.

  • NVivo
  • SPSS
  • SASEnterpriseMiner
  • AMOS

At times, you might require an expert opinion on how to improvise the work already done by you in terms of its grammar, content and context. Our editorial services help you in accomplishing the same. We get your work proof read for contextual errors and conceptual errors. Editing here follows a 3-step process.

Peer Review

  • Proof reading of content.
  • Identification of contextual and conceptual errors.


  • Removing grammatical and typographical errors.
  • Removing conceptual errors.

Improving overall quality

  • Rectifying referencing errors.
  • Formatting as per academic standards.

Editorial Services

  • Book editing
  • Business plan editing
  • Dissertation editing
  • Journal Manuscript editing
  • Thesis Editing
  • Scientific report editing
  • Thesis Editing